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diannelamerc: Wonder Woman deflecting a bullet (WW deflect)

My Little Corner of The Insanity...

The Musings of an Ecclectic Waterbuffalo of Death }:o

This journal should be viewed with discretion.

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Created on 2009-05-06 07:53:24 (#303604), last updated 2017-10-02 (2 weeks ago)

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Birthdate:Dec 31, 1969
Location:Pasadena, California, United States of America
Website:Me on the Archive of Our Own
I've completely re-written my bio as of 6/17/2009—not because the old version was wrong, but because I've changed a lot in the many years since I started this LJ and it was time for a more updated approach.
Random facts about me, in no particular order:
  • I am married to another woman, the wonderful lizbetann. We have started a site, The Modern Boston Marriage, about our experiences.
    *Technically we are in a California State Registered Domestic Partnership. However, since the two are essentially the same in this state, I see no grounds for not calling a spade a spade, or a marriage a marriage. (Plus, it's shorter to type.)

  • I have three furry children of the feline variety: Matisse (14)(RIP 10/09), Ginkgo (4), and Au-Set (1).

  • I live in Glendale (just outside of Los Angeles), California. While I spent several years in Washington, D.C., and miss living in Dupont Circle and being able to Metro everywhere, I am a true California Girl—born and bred—and learned to drive before I could walk.

  • I am an ordained minister in both the Universal Life Church (1995)and the Church of Spiritual Humanism (2006), although my personal view tend towards the lapsed Ecclectic Pagan.

  • I have a triple major Bachelor's degree from USC, and an interdisciplinary Master's degree from (what was, at the time) Claremont Graduate School.

  • I write—fanfic, unpublished novels, and long discussions with my friends. I am a member of the Organization for Transformative Works and an 8-years-running winner of NaNoWriMo.

  • I vid—whatever media sources catch my fancy at any given time. I am a member of the Apocalypse West Vidding collective and a regular (every single years since they started!) VividCon attendee and participant.

  • I work—as a Wordsmith: editing, proofreading, writing. Most of my income nowadays comes from proofreading Ph.D. theses for the Graduate School at Caltech.
In the past I have done many, many things—both fannish and otherwise. I have run fannish mailing lists and sites, held over 36 separate jobs over a notably shorter span of years, and managed so far to age without even coming close to growing up.

Depression and Me
I have had many people comment on my original "Depression and Me" section from this page, which I have moved to its own post. It's worth a read if you want to understand me (or anyone with an "invisible disability") better, and I have received many kind notes from people who have been helped by it.

Buttons and Other Doo-Dads
Note: I've been with Dreamhost long enough that I have a few promo codes that will get you 2TB disk space and 20TB bandwidth! [4x as much as standard for the same price], as well as $150 off a 5-year signup or $200 off a 10-year signup! If you're interested, contact me.

NotesDoctor Who (2005) mood theme courtesy !

In an emergency situation, every second counts.
I participate in the LJ Abuse Emergency Contact Information First Post program.
Do you? The life you save may be your own.
Just make private (locked) post with your emergency contact information as the very first (backdate it) entry in your LJ. In a genuine emergency, the LJ administration may be able to access this information and pass it along to emergency personnel.

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